Welcome To Complikation

Hey there! This is Complikation, a new games “site” or “blog” or “publication” or whatever you want to call it.

I’ve been writing about games for a long time. Since fall of 2007, to be exact. I take enormous pride and care in my work, as evidenced by Complikation’s sister-site, Simplikation. But I’m also sick of constantly writing long-form stuff that has to be thoughtful and interesting and researched. Sometimes I just want to share a cool free indie game I found, or talk about a specific system in a game, without having to worry about all the typical publication shit like “angles” and “appeal” and “site voice.”

This principle is the guiding one behind Complikation. This is a repository for off-hand games writing; the sort of stuff you’d say to your pal while y’all are both sitting on a couch, drinking shitty soda and trading places at Dark Souls. There will be swear words, colloquialisms, blatant violations of grammar, and all that. Not every game will be popular or new, and not every post will be widely interesting. I may write about Call of Duty, or Proteus, or the best games from an indie game jam. You never know!

I honestly believe that there is enough space in the world for a site that just simply doesn’t give a fuck about pleasing some notion of a core demographic. That you don’t have to meticulously write the perfect article to start a dialogue about something you like. That everyone has something interesting to say, even if it’s not couched behind a decade of experience and months of research and contextualization.

I hope you believe that as well.


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